Saturday, April 08, 2006

Talk Of The City

It Made Everyone to Turnover...................

"I made Simbu bite my lip"- Nayantara

Last Year, when Simbu launched his new Tamil film with Nayantara in the lead, everybody talked about it. The film's posters were that controversial. The guardians of the society's moral values tore up the film's posters. Simbu claimed that he didn't realize that the posters could be that controversial

What was in the posters?
Simbu was passionately biting Nayantara's lip in the picture.
Nayantara has finally come out with her side of the story. "Simbu didn't bite my lip. In fact it was I that made him bite my lip. I had no problems with it. I don't know why others are making such huge fuss about the picture and the posters," she declared

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