Saturday, April 08, 2006

Nayan becomes Tollywood Empress

Nayantara couldn't have chosen a better time to make her debut in Tollywood. When she arrived in Telugu films, the audience was slowly getting tired of the current No 1, Trisha. Her career in Tamil too seemed to be in trouble with some flops.
Lady Luck was favoring Nayantara. Her three consecutive films in Telugu (two of them were dubbed films from Tamil) turned out to be blockbuster hits. She is now rumored to be making Rs 60 Lakhs per film.
This has earned her the title of the Empress of Tollywood!
One more on Nayantara- She just wouldn't eat her food without chicken in some form- fries, curry, Manchurians, 65's. Bsut ever since bird-flu broke out, Nayantara has become a vegetarian!!!

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