Saturday, April 08, 2006

Better luck next time, Nayanthara!

For once, nimble-footed Nayanthara has been caught on the wrong foot!
Well, the tiding from Kollywood is that Nayans will have to wait a little longer to realise a long-standing wish: to act with Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan .

One of the busiest stars in Tamil cinema, Nayan was beside herself with joy when Kamal offered her a role in his forthcoming trailblazer titled ‘Dasavatharam’. Jyothika is one of the other heroines.
But then, there is a glitch, and a major one at that. The nippy actress is in no position to do the Kamal film as she has no dates till December 2006!
So, it was with a heavy heart that Tara broke the news to Kamal . Well, you can't have everything your way, can you ?
Don't worry Nayan. Your wish will be gratified sooner or later! Till then, whoop it up both in Kollywood and Tollywood, where she is making a conscious effort to firm up her hold.
Meanwhile, her item number in Vijay-starrer ‘Sivakasi’ continues to be the talk of Kollywood. Does it mean more item numbers are in the offing ? Time alone can tell. One thing is for sure. Tamil film fans have simply been bowled over the oomph oozed by this Malayali Christian girl on silver screen.
You have to give it to her. Nayan certainly has a nose for news!

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