Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Billa 2007 Full Movie Download

Comparisons with the original Billa are inevitable. The 2007 version of Billa, which was made in 1980 with Rajinikanth in the lead role(s), is a faithful adaptation in terms of storyline is concerned. It looks awesome in terms of production values and cinematography. The performances and stylish looks make the movie a winner on its own merit.

Remake is always a risky affair. No one tries to remake a failure attempt and hence the success of the original naturally becomes the burden on the remake. Vishnu and Ajith have guts to take such a risk. They have worked hard to recreate the magic of original Billa (remake of Amithabh Bachchan starrer Don) with a different treatment.

The storyline is well known. It’s about a hunt of a dreaded international criminal Billa (Ajith) by police. The police officer Jai (Prabhu) somehow manages to corner Billa but he kills him in the process. In a bid to unearth the whole truth of the gang he sends a mole - Billa look alike- and tries to capture the entire group through this mole.

Velu, a petty thief, successfully infiltrates into the group and helps the officer to round them up. But the unexpected death of Jai jeopardizes their efforts and puts the innocent Velu in danger.

On the side track, you have Sasha (stunningly beautiful and sexy Nayantara), who wants to kill Billa to avenge her brother’s death. Then you have Jagdhish, the super boss of the gang (Raguman), and CJ (glam girl Namitha), the girl friend of Billa, to add shades to the crime thriller.

How Velu gets rid of his predicament and how the police eliminate the gang form the rest of the story.

As mentioned earlier, comparisons with the original are but natural. The movie does impress in its stunningly impressive ma

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