Friday, September 12, 2008

Nayantara crosses 1 crore mark

Nayantara is still riding high on the bikini success of Billa. Despite the back to back duds with Kuselan and Sathyam (Salute) she has still managed to hold on to the craze.

She demanded more than a crore to act opposite Karthi in Lingu Swamy’s latest film. Lingu Swamy who is also the producer of the said film didn’t hesitate to give her the demanded amount. He told the media that they have accepted to pay Nayan well over a crore of Indian rupees as remuneration.

Therefore, it is official now that Nayan is the first South Indian actress to cross the 1 crore mark. Nayantara, who entered the tinsel world with reserved characters in Ayya and Chandramukhi, has shed her goody image within no time and sizzled in skimpy outfits in a brief role in Ghajini. Tollywood top stars too have shown more interest in Nayan and she has managed to strike the right chords with Telugu audience too. But for now, Nayan is seriously busy in Tamil cinema with offers raining upon her. Good going Nayan!

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sunil said...

nalla nadey anu nayan tara
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